REady to Launch!

iosphereI always love making a new blog!

This blog is going to be awesome!  I’m going to talk about all sorts of stuff.

As the owner of Max Directory I can’t think of a single thing that I can’t talk about in my new creative outlet (

Since this is my first post, if you ever need me, you can go here: Contact me!

So, since I’m now ready to launch let’s talk about how hot it been out side and wonder (together) if global warming is real.

It’s hard to say that global warming is real or not because my apartment ( Dallas) has never had air conditioning.

It’s almost a sin to not have air conditioning in Texas!  Seriously!  I’m so glad we have a good roof covering because otherwise my upstairs apartment in Dallas would be 100% unbearable.

I still sweat like crazy and I’m tempted to use anti-perspirent but I really like my normal essential oils but I really don’t want to offend the world with my luscious scent!

I have found to be a little more smelly on the humid hot days.  On the dry days, I can go anywhere and no one or thing (except for my cancer free boobies) has a clue that I’m not wearing commercial anit- smelly deodorant or whatever else they have out there these days.

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Alice In Wonderland asks: “Who am I?”

The question of man, worms? and yes…even Alice.

Remember when the Chesire Cat asks her this: “Who are You?”

Back in high school I had an art teacher that was obsessed with asking us this question.

I always thought it was because she wanted us to think about that crazy smiling cat (which I didn’t care for).

What does it mean that this disappearing, wide grinning cat is asking all these “deep” questions?

Does it even matter?

Well…I guess it depends on who you are and where you are at in life.

You see, you can’t really answer or understand who you are until you are ready to actually investigate it and accept the answers you find.

Doing otherwise will throw you into some weird quest that will bring you back to nothing less than the original question again and again and again.

You will always ask yourself who you are until you find out…and sometimes, you may never fully find out if you are “committed to life” type individual who is always striving to know the answer to things and accepting that they are an ever flowing and changing form (just like energy).

Energy is amazing.  We are made up of it and in tune with it day in and day out.

Perhaps the most simple answer to Alice’s question is that we are energy.

We are one another. My energy going into typing this is reaching you and it’s getting in your mind…now you are a part of me as much as I’m a part of you.  See? let’s get a little serious here.

First off, there are many levels (philosophical, ethical, spiritual and behavioral levels) to answer this question….and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Our existence, our life, our experiences, our accomplishments, hopes and dreams is who we are.   WE can not single ourselves out to one moment in our lives because the blood in the veins of our lives run deep….real deep….so deep into that energy that makes us run that it is nearly impossible to answer the question.

Want to talk atoms?  What about nano physics? Protons, Electrons and smaller yet?   I’m a walking bag of molecules with a strange affinity for each other that somehow can communicate my thoughts using another form of energy to control and then emit a message (with atoms) to you.

WOW!   Then…I must be amazing.  Think about it!   I am controlling atoms right now in my body and on this computer screen and I’m even controlling a bit of yours….because you




See?  I just made you move your eyes downward more quickly.  So now…I’m a future teller because I wrote this before you were even thinking of reading it.

OMG.    Let’s get deep!

Figuring out who you are is often asked in moments of insecurity and a lot of people generally don’t think of it the way I do (totally nerdy and atomic and future telling and stuff).

There was a time in my life where I would wonder what the hell I was doing and why did it matter and then one day….(probably over a series of days, weeks,years) I realized that I am who I am….and that’s really all I have to worry about!

So today, I’m a visionary.  I know exactly what your eyeballs will do when reading this post.

Wow!  It’s amazing what you can make your life if you just decide to “SEE” who you really are and then just accept it and go with it.

I may have never met you, but I know one thing for sure….

YOU ARE AN AMAZING SACK OF ENERGY!    :) Thanks for being around to take the little bit of energy I was able to put into this post.

Now go out there and pass on this spirit-full bundle of thoughts and atoms and make the world a better place!

Why Are People Mean? Anger on the Rooftop.

stockimagesThis is a great question.   And unfortunately there is not a right answer.

But, let’s just go with this for a moment and see what we can come up with.

Contrary to what I want to believe, Anger is one of the most important emotions that we have as humans.


It’s one of the emotions that allows us to survive because it is the driving force that allows us to find strength to continue on and pushes us to find new ways to protect ourselves.

Think about it, if a baby is being attack by an adult (or even handled improperly….remember Michael Jackson)  Anger rears it’s angry head and then LOOK OUT.  People take action.

Everyone gets angry. EVERYONE.

In our society we are actually trained, in a sense, that anger is bad.  Just like we are trained that crying is generally not ok unless someone dies or your really hurt yourself (God forbid you are just sad).

We learn to not like anger rather than accept and embrace it’s usefulness in our lives.

Anger generally is directed at another person or thing and our society has taught us that we should think about how we would make others feel if we show our anger.

We are taught to hide our anger or to hold it in so we are not seen as bad or out of control people.

If we are told to hold in an emotion and we do not listen to society, then we let another emotion called GUILT enter our lives.

By the time we are really into developing our individual personalities, we have learned to keep anger in and that it is bad if we show it.

So..if anger is natural and necessary, what happens if we repress it?

We learn to not trust ourselves.

We learn that our emotions can not be right.  (How sad)

WE must teach ourselves and other to get out of this mindset.

Anger, within reason (see that restraint?) should be allowed to be expressed.

It’s ok to be angry for a known or unknown reason.

Anger is a feeling that is equally as important as LOVE, KINDNESS, SADNESS..etc.

You are allowed to FEEL ANGER and the restraint should come in the ways in which you choose to EXPRESS ANGER.

Expressing your anger allows you to acknowledge your feeling of Anger and gives you control over how you choose to express the emotion.

Some people express sadness in their room crying, while others express it in writing or drawing.

Anger can be dealt with the same way.

The key is to allow our anger to exists as often as it is needed and to find healthy ways to express NOT to REPRESS it.

You hold the key to your emotion….meaning you get to choose how to handle the emotion.

Do you want to yell?  Write a bunch of swear words on a piece of paper?  Rip paper? Talk to your anger in a calm way?

There is no right way to deal with the expression of anger as you need to find the key that works for you.

IN doing so, you allow anger to do it’s job, show up.  You are allowed to own it and take care of it (like a crying baby) and it will console itself.  Then…anger can be let go.

Just recognizing and identifying your anger is a great step in allowing it to resolve.

Anger must be felt without shame or guilt.

There was one time I was working for a roofing company and this woman, whose house we were working on, came out and swore at me for being too loud.

Honestly?  I’m working on a freakin’ roof in Dallas Heat…and you’re going to complain about a nail gun?  I was pissed.

Rather than yell at the lady….I pound my nails as I was suppose to and pretended it was her head.

My friends (on the roof with me) laughed and later we all had a good chuckle at my productive (because I was building a roof) way of letting my anger go.

There is always a way to deal with anger and with angry people.

If you are being bullied and you need some support, contact me, and I’ll see what I can do to help you find someone in your area to help you.  No one should be subject to the negative forces in the world but alas,they are necessary to make us aware of the good.  For the good would not be such without the negative to counterbalance (ying and yang).


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Can Humans Be Cloned into Chimeras?

Victor HabbickWell…that’s a strange question.

But..i might as well attempt to answer dat.

Humans can be clones. Yes.  Are there human clones?   Probably.

The reason I don’t know is the same reason you don’t know.  If there were human clones and we knew about it, what does that mean for the clone?

Human clones would be considered secondary to the original copy of a human…or would they?

How dangerous would it be to allow human cloning to occur (If it hasn’t already).

Nature has some amazing ways of preventing any type of human to try and be elite or better than anyone else.

I’m assuming that the human would only be cloning him or herself because they think they are so awesome the world needs another them.  The only other reason I can think a clone would be made is to try and create an organ or replacement tissue to rescue the real you.

Think about it, you could clone yourself to harvest a kidney from if your kidney were failing.

How horrible is that?

So..are we cloning humans?  To know the answer would be nothing less than scary.

So…I have to tell you, I am happy that nature has these sort of “safeguards” in place to prevent any one organism from taking over the world.

Nature throws in mutations that can’t be prevented and sometimes never recognized.

Mutations are a direct change in DNA.

It’s never a good thing to have anything that messes with DNA however it would be nice to see a strand rescue a baby one day.

This brings me to another thought.  Cloning Humans for organs and marrow donation makes us less important.

Not only that, cloning takes away a level of uniqueness within us.

So..if we are stupid enough to pull a genetic Hitler move then I’m glad Nature, at the very least, has our back.

ENVIRONMENTAL conditions are everything.

The one thing that DNA can not control is the behavior of real life organisms

Behavior (although some  may be genetic) in real life can be learned…is learned and is not passed down…well…maybe.

Human clone are a scary thought.  Not because clones are scary but because cones could be talked about for days and days.

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Where did the Weekend come from?

So why do we rely so much on the weekend and why do we even have a weekend?

I was wit my homies dis weekend and we were all happy about Friday and ya know, we got to talkin’ about where dis weekend stuff came from.

Who invented the weekend?  Do you know?

The weekend (in case y’all didn’t know dat) came for rest.

But where did it come from?  Most places are Monday through Friday.  The weekend is when you rest on Sat. and Sun.

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in Dallas and Allen, Texas.

The one I wanted the most vacation from?  My job with the Limo Company in Arlington.   Man!  Did I hate dat job.  I’m an outdoor person ( I know I know..hard to believe dat but I am)

So I was workin’ that limo company for a couple of month during wedding season.  Some parts was fun but man…some brides and grooms just really shouldn’t have been gettin’ married.

I could write a blog on what happened in dose limos.  Maybe I should.

My favorite job that I would work on the weekend?  My Cool roofing company in Dallas!   I LoVED climbing roofs.  I hated the weekend and always volunteered to do dat shit. get a tan and a nice body lifting all those shingles up.

I’m a “start da weekend on Friday” guy.  I love Friday nights…hangin with my bros in back of Tom’s house.  It’s da bomb.

So..back to this weekend stuff.

They basically came from religions is what I found out.

From both the Jews and the Christians the weekend evolved into a two day event.

It changed employer expectations and even today there are talks of reduing the number of days/hours that people work in a 7 day week because it has shown to have social and economic benefits.

Some cultures have 6 day weeks.

Henry Ford (maker of dat auto company) actually started to give his people Saturday and Sundays off in 1926.

In 1929 an clothing union actually demanded to work for ONLY 5 days.

Weekends are kind of new in the whole span of things.

The rest of America eventually did the same and I read something about the Fair labor Act where all places would only have 40hrs in a work week.

Many countries after the 30’s also began to have weekends like the US so that the global world was in sync.


So there’s your answer.  The weekend.  Religion and Henry Ford.